East Manchester JFL League Winners

By Robert Hurst

East Manchester JFL League Winners

East Manchester JFL League Winners

2021 Cup Winners
East Manchester JFL League Winners

Under 12 Under 13 Under 14 Under 15 Under 16
Prem M/C Corinthians Reds M/C Cobras Middleton Lads PFA Allstars Curzon Whites
West Gorton SBFA Barca Stock Dynamo's Reds Failsworth Boys Stalybridge Whites
Hyde United Tigers

Champ Stockport County Colts B's West Gorton SBFA Storm SBFA Cheadle & Gatley Raiders
Woodley Albion Blues Stalybridge Whites Droylsden Pumas Lisbon Spurley Hey

Division 1 Fletcher Moss Reds Juno Lions Hyde United Failsworth Dynamo's Mossley AFC Blacks
Waterloo Lions Denton Youth Yellows Hazel Grove Hornets Reddish Vulcans Comets Reddish Ne Yellows

Division 2 Hazel Grove Jets Queensgate Wasps FC Bury Denton Youth W's Denton Youth Whites
Richmond Rovers Blues R-Kix Giants Reddish Ne Blues West End Failsworth Dynamo's
Failsworth Phoenix

Division 3 Reddish Ne Yellows Heywood Lions Moston Valley Moston Brook
Richmond Rovers Bees Droylsden Predators Reddish Ne Yellows Box Academy Bees

Division 4 Middleton Lads Blues Reddish Ne Yellows Moston Brook
Haughton Green Whites
Marple Athletic Whites Hyde United Reds West End Tigers

Division 5 Moston Vipers Thunder Marple Whites
Stockport Cosmos Blue RTB

Division 6 Hollingworth Reds
Stalybridge Blues Stripes

Division 7 Mossley Juniors Greys
O/M Community Panthers

Under 7 Primary Cup Reddish Vulcans Jaguars Under 8 Curzon Blues
Challenge Denton Youth Blues Avro Bombers
Prem JFC M/C Corinthians Reds Denton Youth Blues
Prem PHT Stalybridge Blues Droylsden Pumas
Champ JFC Curzon Blues Glossop Ne Blues
Champ PHT Denton Youth Blacks Denton Youth Blacks
Division 1 JFC Droylsden Predators SBFA Cyclones
Division 1 PHT Marple Athletic Reds Oldham Community Wolves
Division 2 JFC West End Lions Glodwick Dynamo's
Division 2 PHT Springhead Reds Hyde United
Division 3 JFC West Gorton Chad Park Eagles
Division 3 PHT Moston Tigers Heyside Hyenas
Division 4 JFC Denton Youth Yellows Woodley Albion Blues
Division 4 PHT Chaddy End Old Boys Glossop Ne Whites
Division 5 JFC Reddish Villa Soccer School Mossley Juniors
Division 5 PHT Droylsden Pythons Heyside Meteors
Division 6 JFC Hollinwood Cubs Santos JFC
Division 6 PHT Stockport Cosmos Cubs Blues Hollingworth Spartans
Division 7 JFC Reddish Villa Reds HM Vipers Supremo
Division 7 PHT Oldham Community Wolves Great Moor Dev B
Division 8 JFC Brendon Bees Ambers
Division 8 MHT Stockport Cosmos Cubs
Thunder Dukinfield Youth Greens Fletcher Moss Tornados
Lightning Droylsden Panthers Signol Athletic Chieftains
Rain Urban Soccer Panthers Skills United
Snow Elite FC Greys Heyside Blues
Sunshine Denon Youth Whites Curzon Reds
Hail Chad Park Phoenix Woodley Albion Greens
Mist AFC Stanley Reds Stalybridge Celtic Whites
Lion Droylsdem Piranhas Reddish Villa Reds
Tiger Moston Brook Uppermill Blues
Leopard Tinwistle Athletic Yellows Droylsden Piranhas
Puma M/C Corinthians Yellows Haughton Green
Bear Mossley Juniors Phoenix Moston Vipers Wolfpack
Rhino Ashton United Failsworth United Blacks
Hippo Droylsden Phantoms Marple Athletic Blues
Antelope Uppermill Blues Hollingworth Titans
Eagle Signol Athletic Lions Moston Brook Blacks
Kestrel M/C Corinthians Blues Crompton Fc Lions
Buzzard Inter Football Academy Cobras O/M Community Panthers
Hawk M/C Corinthians Whites Stalybridge Blues
Heron Denton Youth Reds Fletcher Moss Hurricane
Harrier M/C Corinthians Greens Hm Vipers Magnifico
Crocadile AFC Stanley Reds Tintwistle Athletic Blues
Alligator Reddish Villarettes Denton Youth Greens
Lizard Urban Soccer Bears Moston Brook
Iguana Hey With Lions West End Lions
Cobra Curzon Whites Chad Park Phoenix
Python M/C Corinthians Select

Under 9 Primary Cup M/C Corinthians Reds Under 10 Curzon Blues
Challenge Reddish Villa Whites Queensgate Jaguars
Prem JFC Denton Youth Blues Inter Cheadle East
Prem PHT Hazel Grove Jets Richmond Rovers Wasps
Champ JFC Avro Elite FC Reds
Champ PHT M/C Corinthians Blues Chad Park Cobras
Division 1 JFC Great Moor Dev A Moston Vipers Ninjas
Division 1 PHT West Lions Lions Inter Cheadle
Division 2 JFC Waterloo Warriors Reddish Ne Blues
Division 2 PHT Springhead Ultras Reddish Vulcans Jets
Division 3 JFC M/C Corinthians Whites Woodley Albion Greens
Division 3 PHT Reddish Villa Reds West End Tigers
Division 4 JFC O/M Community Panthers Juno United Tigers
Division 4 PHT Haughton Green Whites Reddish Ne Yellows
Division 5 JFC Dukinfield Youth Whites Waterloo Warriors
Division 5 PHT Signol Athletic Tigers Clarksfield & Glodwick
Division 6 JFC AFC Stanley Reddish Villa Whites
Division 6 PHT Reddish Ne Greens
Division 7 JFC Stockport Vikings Warriors Lightbowne Lions
Division 7 PHT Urban Soccer Lions Heyside Juniors
Division 8 JFC Mossley Juniors Devils
Division 8 MHT Heyside Tornado's
Thunder Curzon Blues Elite FC Blacks
Lightning Collyhurst Reds Clarksfield & Glodwick
Rain Brendon Bees Blacks Spurley Hey Sonics
Snow Reddish Vulcans Avengers Reddish Villa Reds
Sunshine Stockport Vikings Chieftans
Hail Droylsden Panthers
Mist Stockport Cosmos Cubs
Lion West Gorton Greys
Tiger Droylsden Pythons
Leopard Chadderton Juniors Dukinfield Tigers
Puma Dukinfield Tigers Uppermill Whites
Bear Reddish Ne Blues
Rhino Mossley Jns Jaguars Santos
Hippo West End Jaguars Springhead Whites
Antelope Hyde United Reds Juno United Pumas
Eagle Brendon Bees Yellows
Kestrel Marple Athletic Whites Springhead Reds
Buzzard Hyde United Yellows Springhead Blacks
Hawk Failsworth Utd Reds Curzon Whites
Heron Elite Fc Whites Hyde United
Harrier FC Sports Reds
Crocadile West Gorton Hollinwood Hawks
Alligator Denton Youth Yellows Stockport Vikings Cheiftans
Lizard Hyde United Droylsden Predators
Iguana FC Sports Reds Mossley Juniors
Cobra Marple Athletic Greens
Python Clarksfield & Glodwick Cheshire Albion Jaguars
Adder Tinwistle Athletic Yellows
Snake Dukinfield Youth Blacks
Fish Droylsden Predators Hyde United Reds
Shark Waterloo Warriors
Dolphin Droylsden Phoenix
Barracuda AFC Stanley
Salmon Droylsden Phantoms
Penguin Heyside Jaguars
Polar Bear

Under 11 Primary Hazel Grove Jets Under 12 SBFA Madrid
Challenge Juno Utd Lions Moston Tigers Spartans
Prem JFC M/C Corinthians Reds
Prem PHT
Champ JFC Mossley AFC
Champ PHT
Division 1 JFC Brendon Bees Blacks Fletcher Moss Reds
Division 1 PHT West End Lions
Division 2 JFC Poynton Juniors Reds West Gorton Greys
Division 2 PHT SBFA Hurricane
Division 3 JFC Cheshire Albion Tigers Droylsden Predators
Division 3 PHT Droylsden Phoenix
Division 4 JFC Saddleworth 3ds Yellows Middleton Lads Blues
Division 4 PHT Reddish Ne Reds
Division 5 JFC Reddish Ne Greens Moston Vipers Thunder
Division 5 PHT Stockport County Colts Whites
Division 6 JFC Oldham Community Pumas Hollingworth Reds
Division 6 PHT Hattersley Reds
Division 7 JFC Hyde United Reds Mossley Juniors Revolution
Division 7 PHT Oldham Community Wolves
Division 8 JFC Chadderton Blacks
Division 8 PHT Juno United Tigers

Under 13 Primary Manchester Cobras Under 14 Moston Tigers
Challenge Stalybridge Celtic Whites Droylsden Pumas
Division 1 JFC Chadderton Blacks Hazel Grove Hornets
Division 2 JFC Stockport Vikings Raiders FC Bury
Division 3 JFC Heywood Lions Moston Valley
Division 4 JFC Reddish Ne Yellows Moston Brook
Division 5 JFC Signol Athletic Blues

Under 15 Primary PFA Allstars Under 16 Reddish Ne Blues
Challenge Chad Park Lions Spurley Hey
Division 1 JFC High Lane FC Bury
Division 2 JFC Springhead Storm Denton Youth Whites
Division 3 JFC Box Football Academy

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